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Solar panels are becoming more affordable and effective than ever. More and more households and businesses are therefore starting to use solar panels for clean and cheap energy generation in order to live more sustainably and save money.

We provide solar panel types that give you the greatest benefit and work best for your needs. At MDB Solar, we’ll explain our different solar panel types and their advantages and disadvantages, plus we’ll also give you complete information about their cost, efficiency, wattage, and warranty.

Wondering which type of solar panel is best for you? Explore below the differences between our solar panel types, their pros and cons, and efficiency rates to help you decide which one to install.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Although the oldest type of solar panel, monocrystalline solar panels are the most popular in rooftop solar panel installations Adelaide.

These panels consist of about 40 monocrystalline solar cells made from pure silicon. Because they are made of single-crystal silicon, electrons flow easier through the cell, taking the efficiency rate of monocrystalline solar panels from 17% to 22%.


High Efficiency Rate (17-22%)


Higher Cost

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Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline panels, also known as multi-crystalline panels, are most famous for homeowners on a budget. They are a newer development of solar panels, that have quickly risen in popularity and efficiency.

The polycrystalline panels are square in shape without any gaps between the cell corners, where each panel contains either 60 or 72 cells. These solar panels are made of multiple-crystal silicon, meaning electrons flow harder through the cell, making their efficiency rate lower than monocrystalline solar panels. Their efficiency ratings range from 15% to 17%.

Their marbled blue appearance is caused by the multiple crystals that reflect in the sunlight.


Low Cost


Lower Efficiency Rate (15-17%)

Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar is a world-renowned solar panel manufacturer that produces high-quality and reliable solar panels. Their panels are known for their exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency. At MDB Solar, we offer Trina Solar panels to our clients in Adelaide who are looking for high-quality solar panels for their homes or businesses. Trina Solar panels are made using advanced technology and materials to ensure maximum energy output and long-lasting performance.Our team of experienced professionals can help you choose the right Trina Solar panel for your specific energy needs and budget. We offer installation and maintenance services to ensure your solar panel system is running at its optimal level.

Jinko Solar Panels

With Jinko Solar panels installed on your property, you can enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source that can significantly reduce your energy bills while minimising your carbon footprint. Jinko Solar panels are also backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.Contact us today to learn more about our Jinko Solar panels and how they can benefit your property. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality solar solutions to Adelaide residents and businesses.

REC Solar Panels

REC is a leading European brand in the solar industry that provides high-quality and reliable solar panels. REC Solar panels are known for their superior performance, high efficiency, and robust construction that makes them suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.REC Solar panels are made using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology that ensures maximum efficiency and durability. These panels are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and have a long lifespan, which makes them a cost-effective solution for any solar project.

Panel Upgrades

One common upgrade option is to replace older, less efficient panels with newer, higher efficiency models. These newer panels can produce more energy for the same surface area, resulting in higher overall energy production from your system.Another option is to add more panels to your existing system. This can be especially beneficial if you have additional roof space that can accommodate more panels, as it can increase the overall energy production of your system.

solar Panels Replaced

There are several reasons why you may need to replace your solar panels, including damage, poor performance, or simply wanting to upgrade to more efficient panels.Damage can be caused by a variety of factors, such as severe weather events, fallen branches, or animals on the roof. Even small cracks or breaks in the panels can significantly reduce their efficiency and output over time, so it's important to have any damage addressed promptly.

Solar Panel Servicing

Regular servicing of solar panels is essential to maintain their optimal performance and extend their lifespan. Solar panels are designed to withstand the elements and provide power for many years, but without proper maintenance, they can degrade and lose efficiency over time.Solar panel servicing involves a range of tasks, including cleaning the panels, checking for damage or defects, testing the electrical components, and ensuring that the panels are properly aligned to receive maximum sunlight. It is recommended that solar panels are serviced at least once a year to ensure they are working at their best.

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What are MDB Solar customers saying?

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Craig Collings-Wells

Friendly and honest 2 words that come to mind


He was very good and I am happy with it. Price is not that cheap but not really expensive too. He did the job in an hour and was happy with it.


This business is the best! They did a very very good job and I have recommended them to my friends. They also gave me a fair price.

Ernie Parrella

Best price, great team. Highly recommended


I am happy with the work. I will hire him again.

Antonni Grech

Professional family owned business – deal directly with the owner who provided a great service and quality install. Knowing you are dealing with the business owner (Marco) you are assured you are getting someone who truely cares about their customers & their workmanship. A local solar business in it for the right reasons. Highly recommended

Peter Robinson

just had my solar installed by MDB excellent from start to finish great bunch of guys marco the owner was very informative and answered all my questions, very friendly and excellent workmanship, if you want anything electrical this is who you should use, you won’t be disappointed

Gianni Irranca

Undoubtedly the most efficient solar company I have dealt with. Marco and his team were professional and courteous from start to finish and demonstrated the highest level of safety competence industry wide. Happy to recommend MDB Eectrical.

Matt Blair

Thanks to the MDB Electrical team for their great work and professionalism.

I was extremely impressed with all aspects of the job from first contact to completion of the install.
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Nicky Kakamanoudis

Superb job by Marco and his team. Highly recommended.

Chris Krystallidis

Marco and the boys at MDB Electrical installed a 10kw system on my house recently and am happy to say I no longer have to pay electricity bills. The workmanship carried out was excellent and cannot recommend them enough. They worked with me to tailor a system to suit my needs and were very easy to work with.

For anyone considering getting a solar system and are unsure who to go through, speak to MDB and you will not be disappointed.

Natalie Maloney

We were one of the first customers of MDB Solar. We have now had our solar panels 8.2 kw for just short of 2 years. Marco was amazing and delivered exactly what he said. Our bills went from 1200 in summer to about 400. The service, install and products have been fantastic. Highly recommend this company!

Emily Parrella

MDB Solar is remarkable. Being able to deal directly with the owner, who not only knows exactly what he is talking about regarding all aspects of his trade and who is unbelievable friendly, reliable and trustworthy…is a refreshing and wonderful experience. I will NEVER use another electrical company again and highly recommend you to do the same. A family run, reliable SA business who works hard and treats all customers with dignity and respect, no matter how small or big the job. Thank you MDB Solar!

Brook Alexander

If you are reading this review and don’t use MDB Solar it will be your loss! Marco and team are awesome, it is great to deal with a company that does what they said they will do. Im spreading their name everywhere!!

Matt abbott

Marco and his team were highly professional right from the first phone call. There was no nonsense and all aspects were explained in detail. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to give the team at MDB Solar a go.

Amir Fard

Professional staff, great craftsmanship and quick delivery. Six stars.

Arvid Arvidsson

Marco gave me a good deal, installation took less time than anticipated and very clean finish. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Joseph Rocca

MDB Electrical explained everything clearly, They were completely professional right through the process. The pricing was excellent also!. Highly recommend this company! We are very happy with our system… Great work guys!
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Chris Doyle

Marco and the team gave me a great system at an excellent price. Communications where professional and work was done on time with Consultation. They also used industry leading components and made sure the system was working correct after the installation was completed.

I 100% recommend their work and service.

Mark Czora

Totally professional in every way. Great knowledge and advice. Offered an exceptional deal then bettered it with a bigger solar system. Highly recommended.


Really happy with the system Marco and his installers installed for me. Marco was honest from the beginning and his quote was easily the best value out of the 15 that I got. The installers were very professional, took great care to install everything without leaving a mess and had it finished in less time than they promised. The final product looks amazing. Thank you, Marco!

Shop our range of solar energy solutions to suit almost any home.

Goodwe 6.64KW

1 x Goodwe DNS 5KW inverter
16 x Jinko Tiger Neo 415W panels
Finance available –  $0 deposit*

Fronius 16.6KW

1 x Fronius Symo 15KW inverter
40 x Jinko Tiger Neo 415W panels
Finance available – $0 deposit*


1 x Sungrow Hybrid 10KW inverter
1 x Sungrow 12.8KWh battery
34 x Jinko Tiger Neo 440W panels
Finance available – $0 deposit*


1 x Fronius 8KW inverter
25 x REC Alpha Pure R 410W panels
Finance available –  $0 deposit*


1 x Sungrow 5KW inverter
15 x Jinko Tiger Neo 440W panels
Finance available – $0 deposit*


1 x Sungrow 10KW inverter
30 x Jinko Tiger Neo 440W panels
Finance available – $0 deposit*


1 x Fronius 5KW inverter
16 x REC Alpha Pure R 410W panels
Finance available –  $0 deposit*

9.6KWh BATTERY(add to existing solar system)

1 x Sungrow Hybrid 5KW inverter
1 x Sungrow 9.6KWh battery
Finance available – $0 deposit*

Goodwe 10.79KW

1 x Goodwe MS 10KW inverter
26 x Jinko Tiger Neo 415W panels
Finance available – $0 deposit*

Fronius 10.79KW

1 x Fronius Primo 8.2KW inverter
26 x Jinko Tiger Neo 415W panels
Finance available -$0 deposit*

Fronius 6.64KW

1 x Fronius Primo 5KW inverter
16 x Jinko Tiger Neo 415W panels
Finance available - $0 deposit*

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MDB Adelaide is South Australia's go-to solar installer who specialises in providing quality solar systems in Adelaide. Our experienced team of certified residential and commercial electricians has decades of experience in solar and electrical work.

We provide complete energy solutions to help lower your energy bill through solar installation. We understand the unique needs of Australian homeowners and businesses, and we're ready to help you find the right solar solution for your specific needs.

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